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 New surprises and menu items coming out at all four locations!

Our newest location, Paradise Park Cafe in Oakland offers a brand new menu including dishes for vegan and gluten lovers. Wines on tap. Craft beers on tap.  Check out our newest digs at www.paradiseparkcafe.com

Dolores Park Cafe is knocking it out of the ballpark with beer and wine cocktails before and after a day at Dolores Park

Duboce Park Cafe is offering "Pizzas after 5" creating a unique outdoor European feel accompanied by a nice bottle of wine or craft beer on the patio.

Feeling lazed and dazed? We have teamed up with GrubHub, Doordash, and Ubereats for online delivery services. Additional delivery services coming in the near future. Hang tight

We like options. All four locations give you a choice of locally roasted beans.  We proudly serve Equator craft coffee. Equator was recognized for their excellence at White House by President Barack Obama. Now you have a one stop shop for choices. We offer select blends and single origin coffees.

Pastas, cheeses and craft pizzas made from scratch

Our smoothies and juices are freshly made to order. As fresh as you can possibly get.

We offering catering throughout the bay area



We played at EatDrinkSF
Our dish at Eat Drink SF stopped Zagat in their tracks! Out of the 160 restaurant items showcased at the epic foodie festival, our housemade burrata with banyuls-marinated figs, herb mousse and walnut praline crumble ranked #2 in Zagat's List "8 Best Things We Ate at Eat Drink SF"


Here's the dish we served up to the hundreds...fluffy mouth-watering burrata goodness! Want to recreate it at home? Keep reading!



  • Park Cafe Group supports local businesses and community

  • Guests sip and savor craft beers chosen specifically to complement dishes such as housemade gnochhi with chanterelle mushrooms, pancetta and parmesan. At Precita Park Café, all dishes are made from scratch every day including pastas, burrata, and cured meats, lending to bold, fresh, and seasonal flavors.

  • The kind of brews you can enjoy more than one of and won’t be bored with. We use the finest ingredients we can get our hands on from the closest purveyors possible

  • A few of our local craft purveyors include Laughing Monk, Lagunitas, Voodoo, Fort Point, Almanac, Local Brewery, 21st Amendment, Harmonic to name a few. Our taps are always changing with the seasons


Our cafes are the favorite among SF foodies in the making!

We love our neighborhood families and the young visitors who never fail to brighten our days and keep us grounded.

We enjoy hosting special cooking classes at Precita Park Cafe in collaboration with Sprouts Cooking Club, an organization that connects Bay Area children of all socio-economic backgrounds with real chefs by hosting kid focused cooking classes in your favorite local restaurants. They believe a love of of food and cooking with real ingredients should start at an early age, and so do we!

2014-07-16 14.03.01-1.jpg

For our class, we taught a group of twenty youngsters how to forage for fresh ingredients and toss pizza dough like a true Italian-- a tricky but fun step that's key to making the perfect homemade pizza. Kids and parents enjoyed the fruits of their efforts by sharing the house made pies in the park for lunch after class. 

For more information, please visit the Sprouts Cooking Club website here.



Kelly DeFayette


Local artist relying on chance groupings of the regularly tessellating shapes, the color interactions occurring within each piece are enhanced by the neighboring artworks. The variation in depth and size and the use of different finishes work to remove the artist’s hand and reinforce the objectness of the artworks. 

We want to thank our customers, friends, patrons for voting Dolores Park Cafe  "Best Cafe in the Bay!"   We appreciate this fine city and especially YOU for making our cafes so special. XO

Love it? Make it at home!

Precita Park Cafe's Burrata

What you will need:
5 lbs fresh mozzarella curd
1/2 cups of kosher salt (Seasoning to taste. You may not need the entire ½ cup)
4 qts of 190 degrees F water or whey
Large ceramic bowl
Small ceramic bowl or ramekin
Start by making the Burrata filling

  1. Separate about 1/4 of the mozzarella curds.

  2. Mash curds with a fork and temper in cream until the curds turn into the consistency of cottage cheese.

  3. Season curds with salt until sweet and set aside.

Next make the mozzarella shells.

First, fill your 18” bowl with ice and water and it put aside. This bowl will be used for the finished burrata.
Next find a ramekin or small bowl and place cheesecloth in it. (You will place mozzarella shells in the cheesecloth later.)

  1. Make a ball of (3oz.) curds from the remaining curds.

  2. Dip the ball into the hot whey or hot water and season with salt for 10-15 seconds.

  3. Remove and knead.

  4. Repeat the steps 2 and 3 above until the cheese is pliable and can be stretched into thin circle of flat cheese (like a pizza base) without forming wholes. If it doesn’t stretch yet, re-dip it; knead it again and re stretch.

  5. Once you have the flat circle of cheese, place it over the cheesecloth-lined ramekin and push down in the center. Let the edges of the cheese hang over the side, and quickly scoop the burrata filling into the middle (being careful not to spill cream on the overhanging edges as it effects the seal).

  6. Quickly push all the overhanging parts together to seal the ‘bag’ and place in ice water and seal one with some string.

  7. Repeat this with the remaining curds until there is no cheese left.

  8. Place burrata in large non-metal container (plastic is o.k.) cover & fill bowl to the top with cream or whey until buratta is submerged. Make sure the liquid is seasoned with salt.

Cheese should be served fresh and has a shelf life of about 3-4 days.


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